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Cultural Trail
The Cultural Trail is located on the west side of Valderøy and on a three kilometer long route you can experience many different cultural heritages on both sides of the road.

Godøyfjellet, Godøy
Storhornet on Godøya is the highest top in the municipality and offers superb views towards the Sunnmørsalpene mountain range. Indeed, the entire Godøy island is a paradise for the outdoor people. You just have to go there and discover.

Valderøyfjellet, Valderøy
Mountain of Valderøy. Wiew from the mountain. Good walking with parking at Ytterland.

Molnesfjellet, Vigra
The coastal mountain Molnesfjellet is the higest point on Vigra island. In addition to begin a wildlife preserve, the area is popular as a recreation area. Paths surround and traverse the mountain.