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Alnes lighthouse
Alnes lighthouse was established in 1852 to guide fishing boats safely to the harbor of the small fishing community of Alnes on Godøy island on the west coast of Norway. The current lighthouse was built in 1876 and is still in operation with a few modifications.

Giskespelet Amphitheatre
The society organizing the Giskespelet invites you to a midsummer festival the weekend before “Jonsok” (23/06).

Godøy coastal museum
From Eilif Røysa a burial mound dating from about 400 AD. Exhibitions from the history of old fishing boats and fishing equipment. War history with various effects and documents.

Kulturhuset Johansbuda
A coastal cultiral center with soul. A great location for celebrationg all spons of life. This house is the backbone for most lokal cultural activity, incuding a variety of youth actiities and local historical exhibitions.
Open 13;00 - 17;00 from 17.juni - 22.juli.

Roald Sunday school
Built on the site of an old church. The small church was drawn by architect Grimnes and was finished in 1930.

Skjonghellaren is one of the most famous slab rob in western Norway. Skjonghellaren is a hole into the mountain which lies 57 meters above sea level. It is made by the erosion of the sea at the previous higher water levels. At the entrance is drinking about 38 meters high. There have been excavations in Skjonghellaren several times.