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Blimshaugen contained as many as five graves. Al burid at about the same time, around AD 300. The olest woman was buried with a golden ring, earthenware, bones combs and hairpins, and a bronze whorl, spinning wheel, textiles and more.

It was in the years 1824-27 that the landowners, Rønneberg, at the request of Bishop Jacob Neumann, had care of the excavations. The bishop was also occasionally present during the excavation work and he was back in 1826 when excavation crews had found the remains of an old boat, which is the most famous objects lying in Kongshaugen.

Large burial place located on the peninsula at Høgstein, from which many interesting items have been recovered. A beautiful historic site with the sea on three sides, burial mound, memorial stones and the picturesque Høgstein lighthouse. Parking is located on the main road.

Mjelthaugen is a burial place from the bronze age. There has been excavation her in 1847, 1867 and 1878 and two graves were found.