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On Giske is the beautiful medieval amphitheater ready to take on a journey one thousand years back in time. On the amphitheater stage at the beautiful medieval church let 170 players to experience "forspelet" to the Battle of Stiklestad, where the mighty Arnungane from Giske played a central role in one of the most important national drama in the Saga of Norway.

Many people and many cars will be positioned under Giskespelet then show up in good time. The play was performed in the open air - regardless of weather. The sun may shine, but the north wind in the outer populated areas and can be cold in June, although the outdoor stage sheltered under Ørnebakken.

The action in Giskespelet is built on the Snorre Sturluson tells the saga of Olav the Holy. Torberg Arneson from Giske and his brothers, King Olav Haraldsson's leading men and followed him both at home and abroad in the struggle for royal power in the country. Torberg was married to Ragnhild, daughter of Erling Skjalgsson from Sola in Jæren. Erling had been king Olav Tryggvason's leading man, he was married to the king's sister and was still the most powerful governor in Western Norway
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