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Worlds best festival is held at Giske island on the west coast of Norway, every year on the first Saturday of July. Bring your cake and share with everyone.
The festival is free, but you can donate an amount to the festival to keep it going.

On Giske is the beautiful medieval amphitheater ready to take on a journey one thousand years back in time. On the amphitheater stage at the beautiful medieval church let 170 players to experience "forspelet" to the Battle of Stiklestad, where the mighty Arnungane from Giske played a central role in one of the most important national drama in the Saga of Norway. Next act is in 2017.

Events nearby.
Giske is located just 10 km
outside the town center of Ålesund.
There are many things happening
every week in the city.
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everything that is happening in Ålesund.